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   Ionizing Air Gun & Air Bar   




* New product made from plastic, the gun weighs only 280g when
held fitly in hand, greatly increasing the work efficiency.                
* The safety design of the device is ensured with Kingsom
technology transformer inside the gun without H.V. section or H.V.
cable required.                                                                          
* High performance and excellent ion balance.                             
* Energy-saving and low-voltage design to generate corona
* Working range of air pressure: 0.05 to 0.6Mpa.      
* Ceramic Hight Voltage from Japan                         
* Working range of air consumption: 192N_/0.6Mpa hour



AGZII  Cerimic High Voltage from Japan
   Decay Time Positive     : 0.4 Sec
Decay Time Negative   : 0.4 Sec
   Ion Balance                 : Lower than +/- 50V

AGZII  Cerimic High Voltage from China
   Decay Time Positive     : 0.5 Sec
Decay Time Negative   : 0.7 Sec
   Ion Balance                 : More than +/- 50V




 Input Power

 24V DC

 Output Voltage


 Power Source

 100V ~ 240V  (Automatic)

 Dimension  / Weight

 135(L) mm x 25(W) mm x 140(H) mm / 280g.







* Air enhancing, firm structure Nice outlook and use
* 7KV Input Voltage is completely isolated from Ion
emitter, Use continually with out any danger of
electronic shock, safe and reliable.                              
* With the regulator of remnant voltage inside, adjust
the ion balance quickly and efficiently.                         
* Suitable for neutralizing static charges on a wide area,
such as electronic plastic, silk printing, pre-printing
system image manipulation, and so on. 
* Ozone Production  ≤ 0.03 ppm
* Power Supply KS-446B Use with KS-4448 length less
than 1000mm                                                           
* Power Supply KS-446C Use with KS-488 length more
than 1000mm
 Cleaning work bench




 Operation Voltage


 Ion Balance

0.5 Kg. (Gun) / 3 Kg. (Power Supply)




 100 ~ 2000 mm 


 1.5m kg/m

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